Corn and Esquites

Corn on the cob and esquites, mmmmhhh! We are getting into "the domain of real sabor" (real flavor), as Tony Cohan said in his book "On Mexican Time", which I really recommend you to read. And as you are probably aware, Mexico is slathered with churches, mainly catholic ones. Well, It is a real tradition in the cold winter nights, when you have acomplish with your catholic dutties and you are just leaving the church, to eat Corns at its Cob or Esquites. Nothing compares with the aromatic scent perceived out of the church when somebody is just there selling esquites for you.

Corns are served with chilli, lemon and mayonaisse, although sometimes the mayo is changed for cream and cheese. Either way they are deliciuos, and simple to prepare. Give them a try !

Now, esquites are a little more complicated to prepare. For esquites, you just use the corn kernels, not the cob. The kernels are mixed with aromatic herbs (here is where the scent comes from), chilli, lemon and salt. They are served on a cup and on top of it, it's added the same ingredients as in the cobs; chilli, lemon and mayonaisse. Delicious !

You can see a picture of the mexican way to eat the corn here. Enjoy your favourite mexican food.

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Nay dijo...

Hello! Rick Z,

Thank you for let us be involved in such amazing project like this. Actually to be honest I didn’t appreciated so closed our traditions until I started reading your blogg as well as for trying to get photos from all the stands of Mexican food.

By the way “the Esquites” are one of my favourite Mexican exquisites because is no so complicated to cook, but if I have to choose between the best of the best then I would said “Tacos al Pastor” or “Pozole “ Hmmm although I think everything in our cuisine is delicious.

Well I have to go now, but please keep posting lots of interesting information about our traditional cuisine, you’re doing super!!

Ta ta for now,


Nay dijo...

Hello Rick my dear friend!!

How you doing, I think your blog is one of the best I seen regarding with Mexican food...hope you could added new articles as well as photos from you new business in Australia...THE BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR STARTING!!

As for my opinion of Mexican food well what can I tell you… it’s the best in the world, because it has a wide variety of dishes and you never , never get bored of it!!