Chicharrón with Cueritos

Chicharrón with Cueritos. All right, all right... I couldn't find the exact translation for this delicacy, so I'll call them chicharrones with pork skin. I sadly found the next translation at some dictionaries: "Residue of hogs' fat". It's the poorest way to describe it. What I really liked was the ample definition I found at Wikipedia, even in English and Spanish. Whether you could preffer to read the definition in English, I really encourage you to have a look at the spanish description where you can find a picture of the mexican chicharron. And for those who doesn't want to bother themselves going to those links, I just say the following 3 facts:

1) The mexican chicharrón is basically made with the skin pork, not the fat (although we have a different variation called pressed chicharron, which is made mainly with fine chopped pork -residues, say others-)

2) Chicharron is prepared slightly different at diverse regions of the planet with singular names: United States: pork rind and cracklings; Canada: scrunchions; United Kingdom: pork crackling and pork scratching; France: gratons; Serbia cvarci; and Philippines: chicharon.

3) Chicharron is widespread in Latin America at countries like Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Argentina and the island of Utila. At those places is eaten as snack and with different dishes like cachapas, arepas, popusas, tacos and gorditas.

Now lets get to the point: How is it sold in Mexico. It is sold in a very particular vehicle, whcih you can find at fairies, outside of a church or at some parks. This vehicle is a work pushing bike with three wheels in which it's addapted a sort of display cabinet and then the chicharron is served with the cueritos. But hey! I haven't explain yet what the cueritos are ! Well, as you can imagine, is pork skin ( same as chicharron), but instead of been fried, the cueritos are prepared in brine (water saturated or nearly saturated with salt).

The chicharron with cueritos is usually served with tomato, avocado, lettuce, cream and spicy sauce. Once again, I invite you to visit the definition at wikipedia to see a picture of the mexican chicharrón. I'm really having the appetite for it ! Don't you?

Have a delicious day enjoying your favorite mexican food. And don't forget to make a spare part to share with us !

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Nay dijo...

Hello Rick,

I just read your article which is really interesting, although let me tell you that I didn’t try yet; this delicacy but I been asking to my friends whose eat it before and everybody told me that are extremely delicious so I’ll given a try one of these days ;-) By the way I like a lot your style of writing, because when you finish on reading the information you becoming more interest on the Mexican cuisine.

Please let us know more about our Mexican Food