Let's get into the popular mexican streets tradition:
  • Meringues (Merengues y Gaznates) . Oh ! What a tradition ! In the streets of Mexico's city suburbs are men walking around with a tray on top of their head where they bring meringues and "gaznates" ( if somebody knows the translations for gaznate, please send it to me. Ta). But before explaying what tey are, let me talk about how are they sold and trade. Those men are walking around the streets shouting " Hay mereeeeeeengueeees ! " (Got meringues). Then you know you can get out to the street and start the trade.

In Mexico you are always plenty of choices:
1 ) You can ask him the price and:
+ Just buy it, or
+ Ask for the lowest price and make your offer. This is good, mainly if you are buying more than one. You can get a very good price. And, if it is the end of the day and you see the tray is almost full, you can get it complete for a few bucks.
2 ) Now, your best, most popular and funny choice: play them in a toss. You can ask the meringue tradesman to make a toss. It could be for a single meringue, a couple or the whole tray. Usually, you previously decide with him if it'll be decided in the first toss or who wins two out of three. Frequently, the toss goes rising from one or two meringues to the whole tray. And of course, if you win you'll take the meringues; but if you loose, you have to pay for them and won't get anything. But don't stay with the appetite, you can still buy as many as you wish after loose your money. Good Luck !

I'm looking for my own good photos and recipes. In the mean time, click here to see a picture of this famous mexican food: "meringues & gaznates".

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