Sweet Potatoes and Bananas with Condensed Milk

  • Sweet Potatoes and bananas with condensed milk. Now you are getting into the mexican contemporary traditional food. At any Mexican suburb or even at any town you are in Mexico you'll hear a sound that could remind you that of a train. That whistle will tell you is already dinner time. Normally, sweet potatos and bananas are sold in the cold winter nights. ( Just a note, by the way. In Mexico the main meal is eaten between 2.00 and 4.00 pm, and the dinner, although is not very light, is not the main meal of the day.) So you can go out to the street and ask for your favorite, which could be the sweet potato or the banana. Now, they are brought in a well closed trolley with draws for the bananas and the sweet potatoes. This trolley is filled with coal. Therefore, the bananas and sweet potatos are cooked by steam and heat. And the whistle you heard is exactly the same as in a steam train. It's produced by burning coal. They will be served with condensed milk. Now you are done. Just get back into your place, heat up your milk and enjoy !

LOOK AT THIS FANTASTIC BLOG to see a picture of the famous sweet potato trolley (carrito de camotes) and if you have a good spanish understanding, you'll find an excellent sample of the collquial and fine mexican double sense.

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